About Us

EAGLE believes energy brands should be able to focus fully on their end-customers, without being held back by operational and regulatory drudge. You should have the ability to fully explore new ideas and experiments for creating consumer value. We will provide you the platform of technology support, think-space, and freed-up cash flow for innovation and commercial success.

Our Mission

Customer engagement

Our brands forge customer relationships built on openness, responsiveness, trust, and mutual value


Transactional efficiency

Superior systems produce superior outcomes. Every penny squandered is a penny that customers could spend on a better life


Harnessing machine power

Build an enabling environment for machines to deliver positive value for customers and for the planet



Scale must serve as a value multiplier, rather than add drag. We observe the principle of “one platform, many clients”

Meet our team

We’re sparky, we’re a little bit quirky, and we believe in changing things around us for the better. We’re partnering, we’re hiring, and we’re talking freely.

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